Frequently asked Questions ABOUT RSM

 Thank you for your interest in Rez School of Ministry (RSM)

To help you know what we’re all about, we’ve included answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is RSM’s purpose?

The purpose of RSM is to teach, train, and equip followers of Christ, emerging leaders, and pastors for expanding the kingdom of God in their areas of influence.

Is RSM for me?

Yes! Whether you are called to full-time ministry, are called to minister in the marketplace, or are ready for a more in-depth study of the Bible, RSM is the school for you. While ministry training is an important part of RSM’s vision, our overall mission is to equip believers to live successfully, use their influence in the marketplace strategically, and reach others for Christ intentionally. Our two-phase program is designed to see students grow stronger in their relationship with God and grow in their leadership capacity. Simply put, you’ll come out a stronger believer, ready to accomplish whatever God has called you to do.

Who attends RSM?

  • People looking for leadership development

  • People wanting a Bible school learning environment

  • People desiring closer interaction with church leaders

  • People interested in expanding the Kingdom through church planting

  • People seeking ministry training for domestic or international missions

  • People wanting to bring influence for Christ into their workplace

FAQ's Continued

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+ When are classes?

All classes take place on Tuesdays.

+ What is the difference between a part-time and full-time student?

Full-time first year students attend classes from 3-9pm. Part-time students attend from 5:30-9pm. Students enrolled in the second year program have classes from 5:30-9pm.

+ When does school start?

RSM accepts new students at the beginning of each trimester. Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the trimester start date. 1st Trimester begins September 17, 2019. 2nd Trimester begins December 3, 2019. And 3rd Trimester begins February 18, 2019 See the RSM Calendar holidays and other dates.

How can I apply to RSM?

You can apply online at:

For class information, visit

+ Do I need a high school diploma, GED, SAT, or ACT to apply?

Though you do not need an SAT or ACT, we believe for a student to thrive at RSM, they need a high school diploma or GED. If you lack a high school diploma or equivalent, please talk to us.

+ How soon does my application need to be submitted, and when is my first payment due?

All applications must be submitted by 2 weeks prior to Trimester start. The next available trimester to start is September 17, 2019. Please submit your application at along with your non-refundable $35 application fee. A $150 non-refundable deposit is due within two weeks of acceptance. This reserves your spot in the program. Your tuition (whether submitting a full payment or a payment plan) is due at orientation.

+ How much does it cost to attend RSM?

Full-time tuition: $1875

Part-time tuition: $1125 (each year of Part-Time program)

Descriptions of Full-time vs Part-time are described below.

(Students are encouraged to make our Dream Center Trip a part of their RSM experience. It is an additional $1000. Inquire with one of our staff about how you might be able to make this a part of your experience.)

+ What is the payment schedule?

Accepted students are welcome to pay their tuition in full at any time. We have several payment options. All plans require a $150 deposit, which is to be made within two weeks of acceptance.

Option 1: Pay in full Full tuition paid in a lump sum by or on the date of orientation. This option awards a $100 discount for students attending the full year.


Option 2: Four equal payments starting the 10th of the first month that you will be attending school. Tuition is made in four installments of consecutive months immediately following admission. Payments can be made through the online portal with credit, debit, or auto-withdrawal, or cash or check can be turned in at the office. A late payment fee of $50 applies if the payment is more than 5 days past due.


Option 3: Monthly auto-withdrawal plan: Eight equal payments starting the 10th of the first month that you will be attending school. Tuition is divided into equal payments and an automatic withdrawal feature is used in conjunction with debit or credit cards and ACH debit (directly from a bank account). Insufficient funds or failure to update payment information will result in a cancellation of the plan, a late fee, and an alternate payment arrangement must be made.

+ Is RSM tuition tax deductible?

No. RSM tuition does not qualify for state or federal tax deductions. However, others can contribute to your tuition. Please contact the RSM administrator at for the specifics of how to do this.

+ Is RSM accredited?

Rez School of Ministry (RSM) is unaccredited. We are a ministry training school that many attend to answer a call from God and prepare for ministry. Others attend just to develop their own personal relationship with the Lord. RSM offers an environment for transformation and growth as you learn and apply principles of the Word of God. If God is calling you to RSM, we encourage you to be obedient and take the first step to fulfilling your God-given destiny.

+ Do you accept government grants, scholarships, or have a work-study program?

Since we are an unaccredited college, most grants or scholarships will not apply to us. It would be best to check with the grant provider for more information on what type of schools they will sponsor. Please keep in mind that tuition can be paid on a monthly basis. We do not have a work-study program currently in place.

+ Does RSM have a dress code?

Yes. It is the desire of RSM that all of our students be dressed modestly and in good taste. We follow a business/casual dress code. Nice jeans are acceptable.

+ What are RSM mission trips like?

RSM mission trips are typically between 7-10 days in length and are scheduled during the school year. Phase 1 students take their trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles. The location of the trip for Phase 2 students varies year to year. (The trip to the Dream Center is optional for Phase 1 students. However, if a Phase 2 student did not participate in the Dream Center trip during Phase 1, then that trip is required as part of their Phase 2 Program.)

+ How many years does it take to graduate from RSM?

RSM has a two-phase program. All RSM students receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the Phase 1 Program and a diploma at the end of the Phase 2 Program. The Phase 1 is a general program with classes on basic Christian teaching and essential leadership training. The Phase 2 program is more in-depth with training through internship and specialized classes for ministry.

The Phase 1 Program can be completed in 1 year by attending Full-Time which consists of 5 classes (3-9 pm) each Tuesday per trimester during the program year. By attending Part-Time, the Phase 1 Program would be completed over 2 years. This consists of 3 classes (6-9 pm) each Tuesday per trimester during the program year.

The Phase 2 Program can be completed in 1 year by attending 3 classes each Tuesday from 6-9 pm during the program year.

+ Will I earn a degree from RSM?

No. RSM graduates earn a Certificate of Completion after the Phase 1 Program certifying completion of each area of study. A Diploma is earned after the Phase 2 Program certifing completion of each area of study.

+ Does RSM offer ministerial licensing and/or ordination?

Yes. Upon completion of the Phase 2 Program of training and showing a need for ministerial credentials, a student can apply for ministerial licensing. An application for ordination is possible after two years in ministry.

+ Does RSM have dorms?

RSM does not have dorms or provide a housing location service.

+ What denomination is RSM?

We are technically “nondenominational.” However, our beliefs primarily follow Evangelical and Charismatic doctrines.


Ministry Practicum Requirement for RSM Students

All Phase 1 RSM students (Full-Time and Part-Time) receive an additional grade for the class called Ministry Practicum. This class is based on the student’s participation in these ministry areas of Rez:  Weekend Dream Team experience AND Small Group involvement.


Dream Team Weekend Experience

Phase 1 students choose a Dream Team they want to serve in (if they are not already serving somewhere.)  Students who are not from Rez Church will be expected to join a weekend volunteer ministry in their home church. RSM will contact a leader from the student’s home church to see how they are doing.


Small Group Involvement

All students are expected to be a member of, lead, or assist in leading a small group. Popular types of groups are outreach, youth, young adult, men’s, and women’s groups, and they all can be found here:


A Note from Our Staff: 

“We want you to know that we’re praying for you. God has GREAT plans for you! (Jer. 29:11) If you have any other questions concerning RSM, please contact us with the form below. We are here to help you in any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you.”

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